How to choose your seats

Category table for eight
is intended primarily for those who love the company and want to meet new people. There is total of 8 people at tables. Tables are arranged behind tables for two and are located at the ground floor, where the performer’s stage is located. This category is the most cost-effective.
Price – 2 040 CZK with a welcome drink and 2 630 CZK
with unlimited drinks.
Category table for two
its greatest advantage is the proximity to the performers. The table can fit up to two, (by appointment exceptionally 3 people), and if you desire we can connect up to three tables for two and create a joint private seating up to six people. This category is also recommend to couples who want to sit alone. Table for two in the first row will provide your with an intimate experience that you will not get anywhere else. You will be seated literally a few feet from the artists.
Price – 2 630 CZK with a welcome drink and 3 330 CZK with unlimited drinks, 3 740 CZK with a welcome drink and 4 330 CZK with unlimited drinks (valid for the first row).
Category balcony box
is an exclusive seating that offers beautiful decor and maximum privacy while maintaining good visibility to artists and great acoustics. You will also have a beautiful view of the entire room. We have boxes with capacity from one to four people. In the box you will always sit only with your company entourage – we do not place anyone other guests with you, even if there your vacancies. In the balcony boxes children from the age of 2 can be also seated. Another advantage of the balcony boxes is the availability of Gold menu that can be ordered 4 days before the event at the latest. Check in for Gold menu customers is at the main reception of Grand Hotel Bohemia.

Price – 3 740 CZK with a welcome drink, 4 330 CZK with unlimited drinks and 7 990 CZK with Gold menu (including unlimited drinks).

In each category, you can buy a ticket for a child under the age of 12 at a uniform price 1 440 CZK with a welcome drink or 1 640 CZK with unlimited drinks.
The unlimited beverage package is valid untill the end of the event (approx. untill 9:30 pm).

More information on beverage packages can be found here or in our e-shop by selecting a category.

Tips for Singles

Did you decide to visit Mozart Dinner by yourself? Here are some tips to enjoy this event as much as possible!

  • You prefer to have maximum privacy and not be disturbed by anyone? Then we recommend to book seats in the balcony box. The advantage of this category is also a beautiful view of the ballroom.
  • You prefer to meet new people? Great choice is then seat at table for eight. There you will have the opportunity to meet locals and travelers from around the world with similar interests as yours.
  • We recommend to choose unlimited drinks. They give you a price advantage so that you most enjoy the whole evening. The unlimited beverage package is valid untill the end of the event (approx. untill 9:30 pm).
  • Come on time, so you manage to order your drinks before the concert. The performance begins at 7 pm sharp and last call for drinks is at 6.50 pm.
  • Celebrating something? Let us know and we will prepare a nice surprise.
  • Do you have a special diet? Tell us at least one day in advance and our chef will prepare a special menu.

Tip for maximum privacy

If you want to enjoy the Mozart Dinner in maximum privacy possible, we recommend choosing an exclusive balcony box. We offer boxes with capacity from one to four people and you will always be seated there only with your company entourage. On contrary tables for two are not a good choice in this case. They are placed in the first rows, literally a few centimetres from the artists and also close to another tables.


Tip for dress code

Hardly anyone from our guests visit the Mozart Dinner in jeans and T-shirt. We recommend dressing up accordingly to the nature of the event which means “creative formal” dress code. In case of the New Year’s Eve performances the dress code is a black tie.


Differences between New Year’s Eve venues

New Year’s Eve Mozart Gala Dinner takes place in Boccaccio Hall as well as Municipal House. Program and dinner are very similar at both venues. The biggest difference is in the venue. In the Municipal House you will have a chance to toast at a terrace overlooking fireworks in Prague while in Boccaccio you enjoy a midnight toast in the intimacy of the ballroom with our soloists.
There are also differences in categories. In the Municipal House you can choose between tables from 8 up to 10 persons in three different categories depending on the proximity of the stage. In the Boccaccio Hall you can choose between tables for 2 persons, 8 persons or exclusive balcony boxes. Ticket prices are also slightly different.


The whole Mozart Dinner team looks forward to welcome you!